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Photo of Erika The Design Diva

Revealing The Splendor Of Your Brand

DesignDiva Studios is a full service brand image experience provider that offers everything you need for your brand’s presence online and in print. This includes website creation, graphic design, site services and technical training. It’s a joy to serve experts in many industries with varying needs.





Why DesignDiva Studios?

With technology fields being male-dominated, we bring a feminine flair to the industry. The idea is to present everything from a woman’s point-of-view in a way that’s not condescending or awkward.

Our templates are geared toward brands that promote, empower and are run by women. Sure, guys can use them but we had girly girls like us in mind when we created most of them.

We don’t male bash or hate men. Heck, we use their services, like their social media posts and love when they smell good all the time. We think some guys are pretty awesome but we are avid promoters of girl power.

Our reliable and affordable website services include domain names, hosting, email, site security (SSL), website builder and marketing tools.

Free and premium templates are available for use with Photoshop, Adobe Reader, Canva and Microsoft Word.

When you love what you do, you want to share the wealth of knowledge. Our blog is the perfect place for us to convey simple technology tips and information about website services.