Not a Pro with using Your Canva Pro account?
























It's time for you to upgrade your tech savvy and use the power of the Premium Features of Canva Pro!

In Canva•Va•Voom! Encore Edition


  • Premium features that will help level up your business
  • Ways to use Canva Pro to create items that look like you spent a ton to have done
  • Tricks you can use to make difficult & time-consuming tasks quick and easy

I understand your design dilemma...

You don't have the money to hire a full-time designer to create something for every little thing, right?


So, you got Canva and upgraded to the Pro version!


But you only use it for a couple of things here and there because you get frustrated trying to figure out how it all works.


Stop wasting your money, your time and your energy!


Make the MOST of your Canva Pro account by learning exactly how to use the premium tools and features easily and efficiently!

This is Right for You IF...

  • You have Canva Pro and you want to get your money's worth by using more of it's premium features
  • You're tired of trying to figure out how to customize Canva templates be amazing for your brand
  • You're ready to easily create professional level designs to share, market and deliver for your business
  • You want to learn the ropes of Canva Pro but need to do it on your own schedule

The Elevated Experience Encore Edition



The Elevated Experience gives you both the Branding+Business AND Video+Vibes Editions!
  • Get ALL the Goods at a Discount Rate When You Choose Both!
  • PLUS get 50% off one Support Session to address your detailed questions about Canva!
  • The BEST option to help Upgrade Your Tech Savvy as a Serious Entrepreneur

The Branding + Business Encore Edition



The Branding + Business Edition dives deep into using the templates and tools to upgrade the visual face of your brand.
  • Using Your Canva Brand Kit
  • Creating Infographics, E-Books & Freebies
  • Product Designs & Customizations
  • Simple Landing Pages
  • Professionally Branded Social Media Designs

The Video + Vibes Encore Edition



The Video + Vibes Edition jumps into the untapped and premium video features offered by Canva Pro to help you level up.
  • YouTube Channel Graphics
  • Custom Video Clip Creation
  • Adding Animation for Stand Out Designs
  • Using Video & Audio Upgrades
  • Professional Presentations
  • Business & Personal Slideshow Customization