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Get the Free Stuff & the Golden Rules

If you have more questions or would like to set up a Free Creative Consultation with me, I made it super easy for you. Just click and follow through.

Fierce Freebie #1

Design Tips (Video)

Learn what to do and what not to do when you’re designing your own items. This short video will help you understand the basic concepts of creative design.

Video length: 23 minutes | Click image and video opens in a new tab/window.

Design Tips from Erika The Design Diva

Fierce Freebie #2

Guide To A Great Brand

If you’re just starting out on the journey to be a business owner, this guide will give you some practical tips for beginners…even if you don’t have a website. This is perfect for those who are ready and know that it’s better to make some moves than to make no move.

PDF Download (493 kb) – Click image and file will open in new tab/window.


Fierce Freebie #3

Website Roadmap

Preparing for your first website? Had some issues with your website ops? This is for you! Learn what you should do before, while and after your site is created, whether you hire someone or DIY. (FYI, this was my first freebie I created!)

PDF Download (310 kb) – Click the image and the file will open in a new tab/window.

Fierce Golden Rules Recap from Fierce Females & Finance Facebook Group

Graphic Design Golden Rules

Be Royally Royalty-Free

Use legal images from sites like Unsplash, Pexels, Pixabay and Free Pik. (Click site name to open it.)

Be Wise When You Resize

Don’t stretch photos/images out so that they are distorted. Use the corner handles to size up or down.

Learn How to Use Canva

#WWMDD? Be like Momma Dei and use Canva for your posts & everyday flyers. *See Design Tips Video above.

Try Photopea

Get a free taste of how Photoshop works, try the younger cousin on their daddy’s side, Photopea.

Logo Creation Golden Rules

Don't Steal!

It is 100% illegal to just find an image and start using it as your logo. Please don’t do it!

Be Mindful of Imitators

If you create a logo using cheap software, they only have so many variations for your industry.

Simply Minimal Rule

Your logo should be simple and clean. It should be easy to read and make out any graphics.

Be Unique

Your brand is one-of-a-kind. Choose a logo that reflects the unique experience you provide.

Website Golden Rules

Hold Your Own

Get your login info for your site, all linked accounts and your hosting provider. You paid for it!

Don't Let It Expire

Keep your domain name and website hosting active. Watch those emails from your hosting provider.

Check On It

Once in a while, visit your site to make sure that everything looks right & there are no errors. It happens.

Email List Power

Build your email list and then use it. Try MailChimp to get started. Build, create emails & send them.

Social Media Golden Rules

Be About Your Business

Create and use your brand page on FB. Then create an IG business account and connect the two.

CTA is Not Optional

If you mention your product, service or event (or something related), include a call to action with a link.

Hash It Up on IG

Use hashtags on every IG post. Include custom ones for your brand & related frequently used ones.

Schedule Time To Schedule

Use the feature included on FB business pages and try Buffer for IG posts. Repeat weekly.