Here are all the details you'll need to be successful!

Now, you just have to be sure to follow through! Move at your own pace but be consistent!



  • Brainstorm specific solutions you offer (10 minutes)
  • Brainstorm pain points your offer can help ease (10-15 minutes)
  • Brand Q+A Resource (10 minutes)


  • Decide on your offer (20 minutes)
  • Start interest via social media video/live stream (10 minutes)


  • Create graphic for your offer (25 minutes)
  • Brainstorm a bonus item or service (5 minutes)


  • Create landing pages and email form (30 to 60 minutes)


  • Create Reel (5 minutes)
  • Put in Work (20 minutes)


  • Send offer via email (20 minutes)
  • Create Reels (10 minutes)


  • Focused Freebie creation and sharing (30 minutes)


  • Go Live (5 minutes)
  • Put in Work on Bonus (20 minutes)


  • Create Reels (10 minutes)
  • Put in work (20 minutes)


  • Super Sharing via social media (20 minutes)
  • Create Reels (10 minutes)

DAY 10

  • Go Live (5 minutes)
  • Put in work (20 minutes)

DAY 11

  • Create Reels (10 minutes)
  • Send offer via email w/ bonus highlight (20 minutes)

DAY 12

  • Go Live (5 minutes)
  • Put in work (20 minutes)

DAY 13

  • Put in work - final touches (30 minutes)

DAY 14

  • Create Reels (10 minutes)
  • Send offer directly (20 minutes)

Challenge Q+A

I don’t want to go live! What other options do I have?

If you really, really, REALLY are too shy/afraid to do a live stream, do pre-recorded videos and/or Stories & Reels instead. I encourage you to try live stream at least once during the challenge though...you're the expert so you know your stuff!

I don’t know what to offer! What should I do?

You can schedule a 1-on-1 Brand Focus Session with me at your special rate (the link and code were also sent to your email).


Before you jump on my schedule, here are some questions to get you started in brainstorminig mode:

-  What are 3 things people always ask you about doing? Example: People always asked me to edit their writing, papers, speeches...so I started offering content creation services.

- What mistakes do you see people make over and over that your business/services can fix? Example: It irks me to see people use random templates when sharing on social media...so I created a Canva course that focuses on brand consistency.

- What is something you can teach people or show people how to do if you were put on the spot? Example: I can WordPress from top to bottom, front to back, and side to side...so I created multiple WordPress/website creation courses.

- What are some problems that your clients or followers always seem to have even though you've shared the solution multiple times? Example: I find that my clients stop short of launching new offers because of various reasons that all lead to things not being 'good enough'...so I created the Impromptu + Imperfect Challenge!

What is a landing page anyway?

Simply put, a landing page is a single webpage that has a single purpose. The idea is to focus on that single purpose so that visitors don't get distracted and are more likely to complete the task at hand. Most landing pages do not have a navigation menu (some call them 'tabs').

Do I have to use Canva to create my graphic?

Absolutely not! I suggested this because it’s pretty simple and there is a free version. You can use any graphic design app or software…but make sure the template you use is an attention grabber!

What’s the difference between Reels, Stories and Going Live?

Here's the super quick cheat sheet:


Reels: optimal for mobile viewing and can be shown to anyone that the social media platform thinks will like it based on relevance; pre-recorded (great for gaining new supporters)


Stories: optimal for mobile viewing and are shown to your friends/followers; pre-recorded (great to maintain supporters); these magically go away after 24 hours


Going Live: (aka Live Streaming) a video you create on the spot that allows interaction with viewers; people can also watch the recording as long as you turn that option on (great for longer, evergreen support/info)

Do I really need to have and use an email list? You know most people text instead of email now.

You don't need a email list right away but I strongly suggest it ASAP! A more relevant term you may hear is a CRM system (customer relationship management). Once you gain the interest of someone, this is a way to continue to keep in contact with them. When you stay top of mind, you're posititioned for more sales and referrals. 


One of the biggest reasons you want to use an email list/CRM system is to serve each person based on what they want because you can track what they open, what they click, what they've bought, what they've shared, etc. So if they always respond positively to unicorns, you always offer them unicornish stuff.


And, yes, people are more likely to check their text messages...so get their phone number when you get their email address! But keep in mind that emailing is pretty much free...texting (the ones that don't get blocked) is generally paid. Still get the phone number for when you do start texting.

I’m just getting started in business, so I don’t have a logo or a website yet. Do I need that before I make an offer?

One of the biggest misconceptions is that you have to have it all together before you can make money in your business. If you have the means to have your brand crafted with a logo, website, etc., do it! Having those types of items in place speaks volumes to potential buyers who don’t know you and your expertise.


But if you know your craft and you are confident that you can provide what you offer, you don’t have to wait another moment to move forward with an offer.