Post to Stories in FB Business Suite

Using social media for your brand helps to multiply the number of potential connections for you. Many business owners use Facebook and Instagram to share and promote what they offer.

Posting a variety of information consistently is the first step to establishing your presence. Then you get to tap into different ways of sharing and boosting your reach. One of those ways is by publishing to stories. Stories started out on Instagram but their sister, Facebook, incorporated the feature as well.

If you’re like me, you have a business to run and clients to serve. So when FB & IG do something like allow me to start scheduling stories to publish, I can’t help but smile…and try it out.

The process is easy and I was able to successfully publish a story to Facebook and Instagram at the same time from the Business Suite. I also schedule a story to be published at a later time and it worked too.

Check out the demo video that I did to try this feature.

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