5 Legit Ways You Can Use Fiverr For Your Brand

Sometimes you need a project or task done with a professional touch and a bit of flair added. This may not be the time that you need to turn to Fiverr. This is not to discount the brand or any of the people who are affiliated, but basically anyone can work with Fiverr. You can create an account right now and within minutes be available for hire to build a website. The ease of it is cool but if you’ve never create a website, that’s not a good look.

So, if you are looking to get something done quickly and efficiently that is pretty straightforward, then Fiverr may be a viable option for you. I’ve put together a list of 5 different types of tasks that you can use this service for without being too wary. These tasks don’t require a high skill level so as long as the Fiverr associate has basic knowledge, these should be simple. Of course, you always want to proof what you receive from Fiverr or anywhere else because everyone makes typos. I know…people like you and I don’t do it often but it happens.

5 Ways You Can Use Fiverr For Your Brand

  1. Research – This is probably the absolute most simple thing that you could hire someone else to do. Paying someone to search for information and then presenting it to you will allow you to focus on your business.
  2. User Testing – Once you create your new website, program or mobile app, having different people test it is a way to confirm that all of your hard work (or your investment to have someone else work hard) is good to go.
  3. Convert Files – If you’re running low on time like most small business owners, paying someone a few dollars to convert files into the format that you need is a worthwhile idea. This is perfect for Fiverr taskers because they just have to use a program or do pre-determined steps to complete conversions.
  4. Ad Posting – This is actually a great low-cost marketing tool and will free you up from having to do the manual and repetitive tasks of posting your flyer and brand materials over and over again. Just make sure you have a clear understanding of where the tasker will be posting your ads.
  5. Artistic Creations – Although this requires art skills, most taskers will have a portfolio or at least a Facebook page where you can preview some of their past work. If you’re pleased with what they present, it could save you hundreds by using Fiverr rather than going directly to a professional.Try to make sure that what they are sharing are actually their creations.

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