Custom Domain Names for Wix Sites

At some point you realized that you needed to have a website for your brand. But you didn't have the time or resources to go through the process of hiring a web designer, so you created a Wix website and it actually turned out pretty nice. Congratulations! Some people get stuck on the sign up process (which is totally okay...DesignDiva Studios is a judgement-free space).

So now you want everyone to visit your website. But telling them go to is super cumbersome and sometimes you even forget how it goes. And even though you share it, you don't expect anyone else to remember it either.

Enter custom domain names to your rescue! You can get a custom domain for less than $20 a year. It's definitely worth the investment to have a memorable web address. So you could be telling people to visit your website at rather than that long thing that I'm not going to type again.

Once you purchase the domain name, you need to log in to your service provider account and do what's called a domain forward. It sounds technical but all it means is that you are telling the Internet that when people type, go to the awesome Wix site you created. If you don't want the full Wix address to show up, you can make remain in the URL bar at the top by using masking. This won't get rid of the Wix branding but it definitely will step your brand game up a notch or two.

If you're not into all that or you want to remove the Wix branding, you can always upgrade to a premium Wix plan. One of the things that I look at as an awesome perk is that your site's security (SSL) is included with Wix premium plans. This alone is worth at least $100 per year and it's important to get your Google rankings higher.

But baby steps are okay. If you're not ready to invest the time and funds into Wix, you can get your custom domain via Go Daddy for only $0.99 for the first year. Click the image below to search for your perfect custom domain name now.

I like being legal so I have to tell you that if you click on my affiliate links, I may earn commissions if you complete a purchase. The beauty of it is that you get access to specials to use the insight I've shared without paying anything extra!