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Welcome to DesignDiva Studios!

DesignDiva Studios is a full service website and graphic design company. I also offer web hosting services and teach people how to master their WordPress websites.

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Hi, I’m Erika

CEO & Creationista of DesignDiva Studios

being creative is my passion!

Here\’s a little about me and what I do…

Sure, I have my Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems plus over 18 years of real-world experience in the IT field. But being creative is my passion. That passion plus my experience birthed my official company, Design Custom Graphic Creations. Over the years, I began to identify myself as \”The Design Diva\”, thus we\’ve ended up here at what is now known as DesignDiva Studios.

And if that’s not enough, I’m freaking awesome sauce squared! Yes, I just made that up, but you like it though! I am a fun-loving person and I’m compassionate for others. I’m big on family and I adore my toddler son (although he likes to type on mommy’s computer, which is a big no-no). As if I have lots of spare time, I also do some runway shows as a curvy-figured model. Last, but not least, I make time to volunteer with youth and community organizations…I’m so blessed that I always want to bless others.

I construct customized creations based on your vision. No two creations are exactly alike! Beyond that, I love learning and I am great at teaching others. So part of my mission is to help you master technical stuff, which I sometimes call ‘simply tech’.

The bottom line is that I am only content when I’m able to take the vision and ideas that you share with me and turn them into awesomeness for you to be able to share, whether in print or online.

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The Visionary: Erika #TheDesignDiva

If you\’ve read down this far on the \’About\’ page, then you\’re pretty interested in DesignDiva Studios. Or you\’re just being nosy. Either way is cool because that means I didn\’t waste my time coming up with this part.

My name is Erika and several years back, I began using the hashtag #TheDesignDiva to be cute. Well, it stuck and some clients began addressing me as such so I went with it.

After years of wanting to expand from offering just website design and graphic creation services, I finally got the blessing to begin DesignDiva Studios. I\’ve talked about offering templates and being a reseller of web services so it made sense to combine it all in a one-stop-shop.

Other than that, I have many, many years of experience in the fields of computer tech support, web design and graphic design. I love what I do and I am elated that you\’ve connected with DesignDiva Studios.

My purpose is to make you pop on paper and shine online. And that purpose is expanded here by revealing the splendor of your brand.

If you have any questions about the services offered or about how you can make your brand greater, please don\’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can always email me at I check the messages personally and I will respond to you as soon as I can.

Enough about me. Let\’s discuss how to make your brand pop and shine on a FREE Creative Consultation Call.

There is no obligation and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have, even if you don’t choose me right now.

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