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WordPress Success Summer 2019
WordPress Success Summer 2019

Course Agenda

This is where you come to access everything you’ll need for your course. Make sure you take a look at all of the info on this page at some point. Your freebies, resources and FAQs are all right here.

To view course lessons and assignments, click the button above. Log in using your assigned password; it was in the email you got. 

WordPress Success Summer 2019

Course Resources

Click a topic to expand, then click the title to access links.

Note: I have to let you know that if you click my affiliate links, I may get a payout from the affiliate companies. You get a great deal and help me out at the same time!

WordPress Success Summer 2019

Could you use $105??? (aka Your Freebie!)

You get three (3) thirty-minute sessions with me at no charge as part of WordPress Success enrollment.

The rules: you have to schedule the sessions during evenings or weekends only AND we have to stick to 30 minutes. Not to worry. If we go over 30 minutes, it’s only $10 per 15 minutes up to an hour, subject to my schedule.

I normally charge $35 for a half-hour session. So, that’s like giving you $105! Use the codes sent via email to get your freebies.

After your three free sessions, you can use discount code WEB20 to get $20 off 30-minute or 60-minute sessions.

Schedule 1-on-1 Session

WordPress Success Summer 2019


WordPress Success Summer 2019

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